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Mid-City Tours

New Orleans

Home to the lush City Park, live oak trees, and small family-owned businesses, the Mid-City neighborhood is sure to welcome you with its feel-good vibes and friendly patrons. From museums and gardens to streetcars and shops, there’s so much to do and see in this quaint neighborhood. Whether relaxing in a park or coffee shop or touring the area by bike, you’ll enjoy an unforgettable day in this little oasis in the middle of the city.

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About the Mid-City Neighborhood

Mid-City is a local gem, the kind of place where neighbors know each other by name and visitors are more than welcome to experience the beauty and amenities of this charming area. Po-boys, breweries, and bakeries are commonplace here, so you’ll never go hungry! And this area is also known for its fascinating above-ground cemeteries which are just as interesting to explore as more lively parts of the neighborhood. The vibes of Mid-City are unmistakably quirky and welcoming, with quaint bungalows and one-of-a-kind restaurants and bars that truly capture the essence of the Crescent City.

Famous Streets of Mid-City

Canal Street: One of Mid-City’s most notable landmarks, Canal Street bisects the neighborhood right down the middle. Canal Street is mainly known for the Canal Streetcar line, a famous old-fashioned streetcar that you can ride from the above-ground cemeteries all the way to the Mississippi River. Besides the streetcar line, Canal Street is a hub for parades (especially during Mardi Gras), shopping, restored theaters, and great restaurants.

Carrollton Avenue: Carrollton Avenue is one of the most beautiful streets in the city, wide open and blanketed by shady trees. This major thoroughfare stretches from Uptown to Mid-City and is home to many restaurants and historic homes. It’s got a fast-paced, friendly vibe that caters to tourists and locals. The St. Charles Streetcar line runs down part of the street.