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New Orleans Ghost & Haunted Tours

Explore the most haunted spots in the city on a New Orleans ghost tour.

Haunted Places in New Orleans

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Discover the Dark Side of New Orleans...

You might have noticed that New Orleans has a unique atmosphere…and if you haven’t experienced it for yourself, a ghost tour will certainly do the trick! From graveyards to hotels and restaurants, there is no shortage of haunted places in NOLA. In fact, some of the most popular locations in the city can even be described as supernatural. There’s a reason why New Orleans is constantly included in lists of the most haunted cities in America. Its 300-year history of bloody battles, trampled burial grounds, voodoo practices, and natural disasters — combined with its legends of vampires, ghosts, and superstitions — make for a city full of spirits and mysterious forces that are best discovered on a haunted New Orleans tour.

Skeptics and firm believers in the supernatural alike find some of the Big Easy’s most famous landmarks a little spooky, and the stories behind them are nothing short of spine-chilling. There’s no better way to experience the dark side of the city than a New Orleans ghost tour. Explore the Big Easy’s dark history and haunted locations with an expert guide and decide for yourself whether spirits and otherworldly beings cling to this unique city.

You can learn about historical figures and mystical practices on a voodoo tour, meet friendly or harmful spirits on a ghost tour, or walk through some of the eeriest places on a haunted history tour of New Orleans! You’re sure to walk away with amazing stories and perhaps a supernatural event or two. One thing’s for sure — this is an experience you won’t soon forget.

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