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New Orleans Swamp & Bayou Tours

Explore the beautiful bayous of Louisiana. Book your swamp tour now!


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Immerse Yourself in the Swamps of New Orleans

Just a short distance from the colorful streets of New Orleans, something wild awaits. Alligators lurk in the darkness, magnificent birds nest in the cypress trees, and snapping turtles rest on the logs. The famous New Orleans swamps and bayous are teeming with wildlife, flora, and adventure just waiting to be explored on a swamp boat tour. Save the French Quarter and Bourbon Street for another day and venture into the Louisiana bayous on a New Orleans swamp tour.

Whether exploring by kayak or airboat, a tour of the swamps near New Orleans is the ideal way to immerse yourself in Louisiana’s wild side. Swamp tour operators are intimately familiar with the vast wetlands and know all the best places to spot wildlife and see amazing plants. Touring by kayak or airboat lets you go deeper into the swamp than standard boats, giving you access to isolated, quiet areas where you can experience the magic of the bayous with your own eyes.

Louisiana’s wetlands are unique for being home to both swamps and bayous. Bayous are calm or slow-moving waters fed by lakes or rivers, while swamps tend to be more forested and are fed by surface water or groundwater. 

Green Spanish moss, gnarled cypress trees and hundreds of plant and animal species await you. Formed from inlets and outlets of the Mississippi River, the NOLA bayous are the perfect hiding spot for creatures like wild pigs, turtles, snakes, birds, and of course, the American alligator. But a visit into the New Orleans swamps isn’t just about animal watching. You’ll learn all about the fascinating history and ecology of the wetlands, from the Cajun and Creole cultural connections to tales of the bayous in folklore and literature, like the acclaimed 1853 narrative Twelve Years a Slave.

Ready to venture into this exotic environment? Navigate the narrow, twisting channels by kayak or sit back and enjoy the ride on a thrilling airboat tour. Both offer the chance to get up close and personal with the incredible Louisiana wetlands habitat. Book online today!

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